Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cincinnati Bass Blast: TONIGHT!

More love for the Cincinnati Bass Blast from the Journal Newspapers. You comin'?

We've got a pile of swag to give away: strings, power winder, T-shirts, ball cap, Fodera cables and a Pigtronix Disnortion pedal.

Additionally, we've obtained a lovely video greeting from a certain bass legend who is currently touring with two other legends in Europe...Hmmm, who could it be? And the inimitable Daniel Johnson Jr. is going to host a Ustream of the event, which also will be recorded. Info on that coming soon.

What more could you want? Maybe a T-shirt? We didn't print any to sell at the event due to cost restrictions but you can get yours here (in the right size even) for about $20 shipped.

PS (Nearly forgot, again.) We've set hashtag for the event: Please use #cincybass

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